About LuRae Founder of AskLuRae.comMeet LuRae, founder of AskLuRae.com.

Throughout my career, I’ve interviewed, hired, and guided the careers of thousands of professionals. I’ve held management and executive roles for some of the world’s largest companies. You’ll find my insight into the mindset of hiring managers, recruiters and management; an invaluable resource.

I know how to help you standout in the job market if you’re looking for an opportunity. If you want to move up or want more money for your time, I know how to guide you to take the steps to position yourself for a promotion and a raise – or for a new role.

I’m a Global Connector of people, businesses, and talent – from start-up to Global Fortune 500. I am an employee, student, and Millennial mentor and advocate. My passion is in helping individuals grow to their full potential, helping remove any blocks that may be in the way. I want to help you pursue your dreams – whatever they are.

By profession, experience and passion – my background and expertise includes:
– Global Connector having done business & led teams managing work in 100 countries and 42 languages
– Advertising & Marketing Executive for the largest ad agency in the world

– Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 500 company
– Leadership and High Performance Team Expert
– Millennial Expert: Speaking and Teaching to bridge the multi-generational divide
– Millennial | AIESEC Mentor: Guiding and Supporting Millennials who are out to change the world
– United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Advocate – working with PVBLIC Foundation to connect bright business people and causes together for Social Good
– Business Growth & Development Expert – participated in and helped three start-ups grow to acquisition
– Start-Up Business Expert: I was taught early in my career how businesses launch successfully & succeed
– Certified Professional Coach – Business & Leadership/Aspiration Expert
– TV & Radio spokesperson on Millennial, Workplace and related topics
– Public Speaker